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Meet Monique

Monique Le Ray, past ARIDO and IDC member (Interior designers

of Canada) combines problem solving skills, passion for her work

and Parisian flair. Born and raised in Josselin, a french medieval town,

she was immersed in art and culture long before studying Interior Design in l'Esam, Paris.

In her 40+career on three continents, she has crafted timeless residential and commercial interiors, incorporating her custom furnishing expertise to achieve her unique visions.

Her boundless creativity and desire to streamline her work, has led to her current Signature Package. Her strategic " Design Accelerator", 

is a six days intensive program, the ideal solution when you are looking for an expert diagnosis but don't want to engage in a lengthy, complex design process. Ready to share her expertise in Canada and beyond , her fast track process is a week long, one-client-at-a-time commitment to reboot residential projects, whatever and wherever they are. Her focus is on coming up with a cohesive vision and a detailed step by step road map to execute it. Clients are then able to renovate on their own time and budget, with a renewed confidence.

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