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In 5 days, five key steps to a SUCCESSfull project. For a flat rate, an innovative short cut process with amazing results. Monique Le Ray gives you immediate input and carefully details the scope of work to help you move ahead  at your own pace, on your own budget.

Our SIGNATURE service:

Step 1 - Zoom call to define issues and establish priorities.

Step 2 - In house review of all existing client's material ( pictures, floor plans and so on).

Step 3 - On site session evaluating the space and its potential. Creative brainstorming on all what is involved to get the job done.

Step 4 - Workbook presentation : sketches, colour scheme, material specification, resources and action plan.

Step 5 - Online project review making sure we covered all your needs.

As our concepts are visually portrayed through hand sketches, the communication is very effective with everythıng involved. It allows to evaluate alternatives, think outside the box,

get quotes from trades and propel the project forward.

"No one plans to fail, but fails to plan" which results in design dilemmas and frustration.
Our 5 days PROJECT ACCELERATOR helps channel your energy and budget toward desired outcomes.

Ready to take the first step? 

Book a 15 minutes complementary call to assess compatibility and discuss a tailored, easy to follow step by step Action Plan channelling your needs and time frame.



Our exclusive 5 steps / 5 days process : Flat rate $3.650.00 + HST & travel expenses 

A la carte: If needed, 1/2 days additional services to facilitate your process ( VIP shopping, Trade meetings, Art's placement and so on). $850.00 + HST

"Be amazed by the value, inspiration and enthusiasm you will gain..."

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