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A professional in the field for over 40 years, Monique combines talent and passion for excellence with Parisian flair.

She was born and raised next to a medieval castle in the picturesque town of Josselin, France.

Immersed in amazing architecture, designing became a second nature and let her to study Interior Design in Paris. Her first furniture collection was crafted at her father's manufacture in Brittany and exported to the United Arab Emirates where she started her career as a Designer.

Her work has been featured in different media over the years: The Star, the Globe, the New York Times, City TV, HGTV and Feng Shui television among others.

From overseeing a wide range of residential and commercial projects on 3 continents, Monique now focuses exclusively on short term, high impact consulting. She helps her clients define what counts and how to deal with design challenges that drain energy unnecessarily. She gives them strategies to get results, so they can put time and money where it really pays off at the end.

Avid traveller, she shares her time between France, far away places and closer to home, her sailboat in Lake Ontario. Her enthusiasm for life is as communicative as her Passion for interior design.

Portrait of Monique Le Ray, a Toronto based designer, holding a dark grey jacket on a light grey background.

Solving your design dilemmas...

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" It's important to capture the essence of who is living in a space. I strongly believe a connection exists with our environment at a multitude of levels. I use design as a tool box to positively stimulate and impact people's Wellness and Quality of Life".

Function, Emotion, Connection are at the foundation of her work.

FUNCTION: Laser focus on task, flow,  art of placement. Curating the unnecessary.

EMOTION :   Colours, texture, light and sound, smell... What positively triggers our 5 senses and memories.

CONNECTION:  To our self " me time and place", better communication with others in the space , the amazing restorative power of nature and how to bring it in.

Beyond pure visuals or Pinterest inspiration , an Alchemy unique to you and your space that will recharge and restore your soul.


The " PROJECT ACCELERATOR" : An innovative streamlined process with amazing results for a flat rate. 

Our Signature service is thought provoking, it helps you save time, money and aggravation. From lack of vision to mid project crisis or any frustrating design dilemma you may have, you will be able to move forward with renewed confidence and enthusiasm.

Beyond Pinterest inspiration, it is the Alchemy of elements unique to each one of us that truly recharges and restores our soul.

In only 5 days, 5 proven steps to SUCCESS


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